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We Sell Clean Remodeled Homes

We sell homes that have been remodeled. in the Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex area.

You get an FHA inspection, title insurance, survey, fixed interest rate loans with no Realtor, or Broker commissions,

We own everything we sell and none of our staff is on commission.

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Why Buy From Us?

We are a locally owned company that takes pride in our work. We are not a franchise, and we are not "flippers". We remodel the homes we sell with quality material and workmanship. We generally sell the homes we remodel on FHA loans; therefore, our homes are appraised and inspected by FHA prior to the sale to you.

We help arrange the financing for you on fixed rate FHA loans. The taxes and insurance are included in your payments. We have many alternative loan programs available to you, such as VA, and Conventional; however, most of our sales are based on FHA government insured loans.

We are not Realtors, and we prefer to deal directly with the purchaser. We can pass the savings of not using brokers directly to you. This can save you as much as $6,000 on a $100,000 house.

When you purchase a home from us, you get an FHA appraisal and inspection, title insurance, and survey. You own the home the day you move in. Our company provides "OUTRIGHT SALES WITH LICENSED LENDERS " and not other sub-standard risky schemes that look like a purchase but fall far short, and can cost you your home in the future.

"Outright Purchase / Licensed Lender" vs "Rent to Own"

With a "Rent to Own"you are renting a house with the intention to buy. Landlords like to advertise this option. The Landlord wants the tenant to feel like a homeowner; therefore, the tenant assumes the responsibility of all maintenance for the home. Legally, you do not own the home and the landlord can elect to sell the house out from under you. This scenario is a very common situation. Or perhaps, the landlord passes away and his children inherit the home. They too can sell the house out from under you and you as the tenant lose the value of the home improvements you made to a house you thought you were buying.

"Outright Purchase / Licensed Lender" vs "Lease Option"

The "Lease Option" is very similar to the "Rent to Own" scenario, There have been so many problems with lease options that the Texas legislature has all but outlawed this type of transaction. Governor Perry signed into law House Bill 1823 which makes it nearly impossible to do a lease option in the state of Texas. If someone enters into a long term lease option with you they are most likely breaking the law

"Outright Purchase / Licensed Lender" vs "Owner Finance"

With a "Owner Finance" you are relying on the honesty of the seller. The seller most likely will not provide title insurance, appraisal, or survey on the home. You are trusting that the seller owns the home free and clear. You are also trusting the seller will not foreclose on your home 15 years from now if you are late on only one payment.

"Outright Purchase / Licensed Lender" vs "Wrap Note"

With a "Wrap Note" you are relying on the previous owner making his payments on time. If the previous owner does not make his payments on time the lender will foreclose, and you will loose the house, even if you have made every payment on time. You will lose all of the money you have paid into the home.

"Outright Purchase / Licensed Lender" vs "Contract For Deed"

With a "Contract For Deed" the seller will own your home until you pay for it in full. If the seller does not make his loan payments, you will lose your home. If the seller does not pay his taxes, you will lose your home. If the seller does not honor the contract, you will never own the home. If the seller does not maintain proper insurance, and you have a hail storm or the house burns down the loss will be totally yours. You will not get to write off interest payments, and you will not get to deduct tax payments, and you can not get the homestead exemption because you do not own the house.

"Outright Purchase / Licensed Lender" vs "FSBO Listing"

If you purchase from a normal "FSBO" listing, you will be on your own to find someone to write the contract, to obtain financing, to acquire title insurance, to obtain an appraisal, and to set up an escrow account. Purchasing a home is the biggest financial decision you will ever make. It is important to have a knowledgeable person to help you through the process. We will help you through the entire process, and we charge no fees or commissions.

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