Sell Your House to Us

We Buy Houses All Cash

We buy houses ALL CASH in the Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex area. We pay all normal closing costs and close the transaction on your schedule.

All of our offers are backed by cash in the bank.

Why Sell to Us?

We are a locally owned company. We are not a franchise. The person that views your house will have the authority to make an offer on the spot.

We are not a lead generating site that sells your information to other investors. All information provided by you is kept strictly confidential.

Our purchases are "CASH SALES". There are many ways an investor can structure a contract to purchase, or control, your home without actually paying off your loan, or paying you for your equity at closing. When we purchase your home we pay any existing loans in full with certified funds. The payoff on any loan you may have is sent to your lender by FED-EX the same day of the closing. You receive your funds at closing also by certified funds.

Below are some of the alternatives used by others to purchase or sell a house. The only method we use is the "CASH SALE".

"Cash Sale" vs "Subject To Sale"

With a "Subject To Sale" the investor purchases your home; however, he does not take any liability on your loan. You will be responsible for the loan until the loan is paid in full. This could be for as long as the 30 year tern of your loan. Any late payments on the loan will be reported on your credit report. If the house ends up in foreclosure, the foreclosure will be in your name. .

"Cash Sale" vs "Assumption Sale"

With an "Assumption Sale" both you and the investor are responsible on the loan. Any late payments will show on your credit report, and any foreclosure will be in your name unless you get a release of liability from the lender. The lender will not knowingly allow and investor to assume a loan.

"Cash Sale" vs "Taking Over Payments"

With a sale where the investor is "Taking Over Payments" he/she will most likely transfer your property to a trust in hopes that the lender will not find out that you sold the house to an investor. The loan will still legally be your responsibility, and any late payments will be reported on your credit report. This loan will still be held against you and you will most likely not be able to qualify for another home loan unless you make enough money to qualify for both payments.

"Cash Sale" vs "Listing With a Realtor"

When you "List With a Realtor" you will be responsible to make any necessary repairs to pass a home inspection, and you will also incur the Realtor fees and required closing costs. You may even be required to pay most, or all, of the buyer's costs. To sell a $100,000 house with a Realtor the cost could be as much as $6,000 in Realtor commissions and approximately $10,000 in closing costs and fees. You will have no idea when your house will sell, or even if it will sell. We do not use Realtors or Brokers to buy and sell houses.

"Cash Sale" vs "Lease Option Contract"

With a "Lease Option Contract" your home is not actually sold. The investor ties up your house and you can not sell it to anyone else; however, the investor is not required to purchase your house he/she only has the option to do so. This could tie up your house for months or even years, depending on the term of the option. In this case the investor is just renting your house. The investor will most likely sub-lease the property to a renter for more than he/she is paying to you. If the renter does not make the rent payment the investor will probably not pay you. With this type of contract you can not sell your house to anyone else because the investor has the option to purchase, but not the requirement

"Cash Sale" vs "For Sale By Owner Listing"

If you decide to sell you house on your own to a retail buyer as a "For Sale By Owner" you will have many people through your house. Most people that look at your house probably can not qualify for a loan to purchase your house. You will most likely waste months on contracts with people only to find out that they have been rejected for the loan. It is easy to find someone that wants to buy a house. The trick is finding some one that can buy your house.

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