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Who is CashCorp ...

We buy houses directly from home owners, and we sell houses directly to home buyers. We buy and sell in the wholesale market. We are not, and do not use, Brokers or Realtors.

We pass the savings of the Realtor commissions to our customers.

About Us

Buying or Selling a home is the biggest financial decision you will ever make. Why deal with a salesman or a 3rd party and pay their commissions. With our company, if you are selling your house you will be dealing directly with the buyer, and if you are purchasing your home you will be dealing directly with the seller.

To both buy and sell a house valued at $100,000 you would normally pay $12,000 in Realtor fees. The closing costs and prepaid's on the 2 transactions could add an additional cost of at least $6,000. In many cases our profit margin is less than just the Realtor fees and closing costs incurred in the traditional real estate transaction.

If we are buying your house we pay all normal closing costs and fees. We pay your loan in full --- in your name. It will show on your credit report that you paid your loan in full. Just imagine the increase in your credit score.

If you are purchasing a home from us there will be no Realtor commissions. We will pay most of your closing costs, and your loan will be a government insured FHA loan with a fixed interest rate through a mortgage banker, not a mortgage broker. We also eliminate the broker commissions on the the loan. With us there are no Realtors and no Brokers, no Hassle; however, you get everything you should get when you purchase a home, including FHA Inspections, Appraisal, Survey, and Title Insurance. You get the Deed to the home the day you move in ..... no contract for deed or rent to own here.... You Really Own Your Own Home The Day You Move In!

When Selling Your Home

  • We purchase, "AS-IS"
  • We make fair offers
  • We are not high pressure
  • We pay all normal closing cost
  • We pay all cash
  • We pay more than our competitors
  • We close when you are ready
  • Most importantly, we do what we say we are going to do
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