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Why Buy a Home From Us?

We are a locally owned company. We are not a franchise. We own everything we sell. We sell professionally remodeled homes. Our homes have been remolded to new FHA standards. Whether our home is a 200,000 home or 60,000 home you get quality workmanship and custom decor. We are not a turn and burn kind of a real estate company. Our company takes pride in ever step that it takes to have a quality product. After everything is all said and done, we want YOU, the buyer, to feel that you just made a excellent decision in home buying.

Frequently Asked Questions About Purchasing A Home:


How do I qualify for one of your homes?
You need to have a stable source of income and be consciences of paying your bills on time. Meaning, NO 30 day late payments in the last 12 months. If your credit isn't perfect and you have some delinquent bills, as long as every thing has been current within the last 12 months and you have established new credit since the bad credit, we may be able to make something work.


How does your financing work?
We arrange the financing through licence lenders. We do not make a profit off the financing, our profit is strictly in the house. It is a service to you that we provide the best financing that suits your needs. We are not opposed to you finding your own financing. However, we do have requirements that need to met if using a different lender other than our own. We also cannot guarantee your total closing cost, down payment, and monthly mortgage payment if using a different lender other than our own



Should I bring a realtor?
There is no reason to bring a realtor if you found your own home. Why give away 3% of the purchase price if you did all the leg work.

How much down payment do I need?
Down payment depends on the type of financing you qualify for. For example, we have Conventional loans that offer zero down and we have FHA loans the require a minimum of 3% of the purchase price.

What are closing costs?

When we sign the contract to purchase your house, we can set a move out date that works best for you.


Do you offer any first time home buyer programs?
We do offer first time home buyer programs out of our offices, depending upon if you qualify. These programs are based upon income and credit.


How fast can I move in?
It depends on what time of the month we submit your loan to the lender. If everything goes well and you provide us with all the correct information it could be as little as two weeks and as long as four weeks.


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